Our Brands

The Monarch Beverage Company brand portfolio boasts more than 200 products that encompass the worldwide Carbonated, New Age and Ready-To-Drink beverage markets. Our commitment to success and our extensive portfolio is a key competitive advantage as we seek to identify new market opportunities.

New Age and Functional Brands

offered in the US and international markets

Our New Age brands have a strong following, and retailers and consumers choose our products because of their great taste and high quality. Our first energy drink, Rush! Energy™, was introduced to rave reviews in 2001. With the addition of three new energy drink brands in 2008, ACUTEFruit™, NTrinsic™ and CoMotion™, we expect the momentum to continue.

ACUTEFruit ™, NTrinsic™, and CoMotion™ represent an innovative new line of energy brands based on the winning trio: energyantioxidants and adaptogens. This new category of drinks in addition to providing energy, promotes health, wellness, and stress relief. The end result is complete and well-balanced energy. These three brands are also certified CarbonFree™ and thanks to a partnership with Carbonfund.org the carbon footprint associated with their production and distribution will be offset.

Traditional Carbonated Soft Drinks and International Brands

most of these brands are offered by Monarch on international markets only.

The Monarch Beverage Company began doing business internationally with the introduction of Kickapoo Joy Juice® in Southeast Asia in 1966. Today, the company has extensive global reach and owns registered trademarks, licenses and trade secrets throughout the world. At last count, we had products in 35 countries. Our major markets internationally are Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. The Monarch Beverage Company creates flavors tailored to the tastes of each market, providing refreshment to consumers all over the globe.

Carbinated soft drink brands offered by Monarch include: Kickapoo Joy Juice®, American Cola®, Planet Cola®, and Bubble Up®.