ACUTEfruit™ Tropical Blast

100% Juice Energy

ACŪTEfruit™ Tropical Blast is an alternative to juice and a perfect new kind of morning beverage for people looking for a healthier substitute to coffee, cola or traditional energy drinks.

This latest addition to the ACUTEfruit™ family is formulated with 50% real fruit juice and offers the core benefits of the line (no-jitters sustained boost, non-carbonated, no preservatives & more) and the extra advantage of a reduced calorie option & fiber source.

ACUTEfruit™ Tropical Blast delivers:

  • Energy – from proven energy boosting ingredients (caffeine, B vitamins, guarana, yerba mate & more)
  • Antioxidants – to fight the damaging effects of free radicals on cells and boost the immune system (vitamins A, C & E, taurine & more)
  • Other Wellness Benefits – including reduced calories (40% less calories than standard energy drinks; caffeine level equivalent to 2 cans of cola with 75% less calories) and a good source of fiber.

Available Flavor(s) & Packaging

  • Tropical Blast
  • 8oz (237ml) can