The Monarch Beverage Company, Inc. (Monarch Beverages) is a persified, international beverage company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with subsidiaries in Brazil, Argentina, France and Singapore. Every day, Monarch works with bottlers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to manufacture and market a wide range of branded and custom beverage products – from the traditional to the groundbreaking. Monarch operates in over 40 countries, including some of the largest beverage markets in the world

Monarch holds registered trademarks, licenses and trade secrets that give us a competitive edge in markets around the globe. Monarch’s strong partnerships and creative marketing programs sharpen that edge, generating sales momentum and efficiently promoting Monarch’s brands worldwide.

The Monarch portfolio includes more than 100 formulas that span the New Age, Carbonated and Ready-To-Drink beverage categories. Monarch’s distinctive brands have a loyal following, and retailers and consumers choose Monarch’s products because of their great taste and high quality.

The New Age category, which features sports and energy drinks, healthy fruit beverages, enhanced waters, ready-to-drink beverages and ready-to-drink coffees, has shown steady growth. Monarch recently expanded the already established New Age beverage lines to continue building on this growth.

Although Monarch has expanded its portfolio to include a wide variety of new age beverages in recent years with brands like ACUTEfruit®, Reaktor®, or Zensa®, Monarch is proud to supply first-rate carbonated beverages such as the Planet® line, which includes a premium quality cola and a range of over 12 innovative flavors. Monarch’s other carbonated beverages are available in cola, non-cola and citrus flavors and include American Cola®, Kickapoo Joy Juice® and Nesbitt’s®. Many of Monarch’s brands enjoy a rich heritage and devoted followings. Monarch builds on these regional strengths with exciting packaging, effective promotions and line extensions that tap into – or sometimes create – new market segments while retaining the essential character of the originals.